How can I change estate agents in Edinburgh?

Initial doubts

Are you fed up with your estate agent? Are you planning to switch to another letting agency in Edinburgh, you need not fret. It is not at all difficult. Making the switchover is easier now. In fact, there are certain advantages if you choose a good letting agent. Changing agents mid tenancy will in no way adversely affect you or your tenant/s.

Landlords are often under the impression that they cannot change letting agents mid tenancy. This is not correct. Though the letting agent represents the landlord in the agreement between the landlord and the tenant, it will have no legal bearing on the new arrangement, if you change letting agents. It is, in fact, in the landlord’s advantage as they are moving with their tenant to the new letting agency. It saves them the hassle of searching for new tenant/s. Moreover, your tenant will also be happy as the old landlord’s services had also caused a headache to them. Now, they will have the best estate agent in Edinburgh in the form of elc (edinburgh letting centre).

Win-win situation

ELC Sales & Lettings can help you make the changeover smoothly. Besides making the whole exercise hassle-free, we will also reward you for choosing elc, the best estate agent in Edinburgh.

We will not only conduct your property health check-up but will also provide management services free for three months. Let us now understand how to make the switchover.

Switching the agent

It is quite possible that you have an agreement or a formal arrangement with your current estate agent. Please check the document and find out if you have to serve a prior notice to them. If yes, then how long? Is there any initial obligatory period? Also, find out if you have to pay any charges to end the contract. If yes, how much are they?

Once you have decided to say goodbye to your old agent, do following things:

  • Go through your agreement with them thoroughly again
  • Get in touch with the old letting agent for details
  • Examine your property
  • Serve the notice for terminating the agreement
  • Prepare the documentation
  • Intimate your tenant/s
  • Formalise the deal with your new agent
  • Take the keys from the old agent and change the codes
  • Collect the termination letter with the old agency


The best estate agency

You may think if elc is the best letting agency among the 200 letting agents in Edinburgh. Follow the tips given below and check if we fulfill them or not and then decide to go with us.

  • Experience and expertise of the estate agency
  • Define your needs and budget
  • Search online
  • A local agent has better knowledge
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Maintenance work
  • Reality check


Smoother handover

Once you have decided to make the switchover with elc, we will help you at every step of the transition. We will accomplish following steps on your behalf to make the process smoother for you.

  • We will get in touch with your old agent and fix a date of handover with every detail
  • Then we will contact your tenant/s and introduce ourselves to them and give our contact details. Later, we will get the keys and do the necessary paperwork for the handover
  • It will be ensured that the tenancy deposit is re-registered with us for the continued protection in the future
  • Following the handover, a property examination will be carried out with your tenant/s. It will also give us an opportunity to know in detail the concerns that they faced with the old letting agency.
  • We will give you and your tenant a copy each of the agreement that you have signed with us.

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