Top 10 things to consider when choosing a letting agent in Edinburgh

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy letting agency in Edinburgh? Most letting agencies in Edinburgh may offer similar charges for similar properties. However, a landlord has to scratch the surface and find a genuine letting agency in Edinburgh. Here are certain things you must check before you deal with letting agents in Edinburgh.
* Level of service – The first and the foremost aspect a landlord has to decide is what services they would seek from a letting agency in Edinburgh. Not all agents have expertise in all services that are sought by landlords. Some agents would help a property owner in the let-only service while a few have a range of services that would save a landlord’s energy and time while letting out their property. Some letting agents take care of all services required from marketing to dealing with tenants to maintenance of the property.

  1. The website of a letting agency – The higher the number of properties listed on a letting agent’s website, there are better chances that the property management agency has a reputation in the local market. Some letting agents allow only such properties to be listed online, which fulfill their criteria and which have high chances of getting tenants.
  2. Local letting agents have better knowledge – Do not make the mistake of choosing a letting agency by merely visiting their portal, though it is also an important aspect while zeroing in on one. A local letting agency in Edinburgh would know all small details of a property and would be most likely relied upon by clients while renting out an accommodation. A local agent has a better understanding of what customers want as they have dealt with similar properties in that particular area or they have reliable data and trends of the area.
  3. Letting agents accompany clients for viewings – Some letting agencies in Edinburgh do not accompany potential tenants while checking a property they would like to take on rent. However, a professional letting agency will always depute a trained staffer with marketing skills to accompany potential tenants. They would know exactly what a future tenant is looking for in a property and highlight the exact benefits that they would entail by taking a property on rent. Thus, a property owner is saved from the headache of answering nagging questions from a potential tenant.
  4. Spend some time researching online – If you want to have a long-term relationship with a letting agency in Edinburgh, you will have to research online for agents offering similar services and have listed similar properties. Online reviews for their services is a vital criteria while choosing a letting agent. The higher the number of reviews, it becomes easier to know the average rating. You also come to know how much rent your property would fetch.
  5. Seek a specimen of agreement – By taking a look at an earlier agreement a letting agent has had with other landlords, you would get a fair idea on what terms and conditions you would be dealing with the agent. So, go through the agreement copy before hiring the services of a letting agent.
  6. Maintenance is an essential part – All properties, whether big or small, need to be maintained in the short and long run. After all, your earnings from the property in the future will depend on how your property is maintained by your letting agency. If issues are not fixed on time, you would not only lose tenants but would also have to bear higher costs to spend on your property. A letting agency that takes care of this aspect and has assured on paper to fix all small and big issues that may crop up during the tenancy period wins your trust.
  7. Transparency in charges – Some letting agencies offer cheaper fees to attract landlords. It may be a trap. Such letting agents hide other charges. A transparent letting agency will detail all charges that would be recovered at every level and service in the agreement. They also spell out fees that may be recovered in unforeseen scenarios during the period of agreement.
  8. ARLA Propertymark Protected – Landlords often are not aware about the presence of a voluntary regulator of letting agents in Edinburgh. Reputed letting agencies choose to be regulated by ARLA Propertymark. This ensures a standard of services provided by them to landlords. This not only has benefits for estate agents but also protects property owners. This guarantees you a better level of service. In the event of any discrepancy, ARLA Propertymark refunds your money.
  9. Marketing skills of an agent – This is an essential aspect while letting out your property. Ask the letting agent if they make use of social media to circulate their clients’ properties by using video clips and graphics besides loading photos, footage of properties on their portal. Prospective tenants depend on these things while renting a property.
  10. A savvy letting agency – Last but not the least aspect of choosing an estate agent is how they respond to your queries during your first interaction with them. Letting agencies do not deal with properties but with people. You must have an agent who is savvy in the long run.

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