Want to switch your letting agent in Edinburgh? Ask us how!

Are you worried about letting your property in Edinburgh? We are here to take care of all your needs related to letting with best results for both, the landlord and the tenant. After all, we have over 32 years of experience as a letting agency in Edinburgh. This fact is a testimony to our professionalism and trustworthiness that hundreds of satisfied clients can vouch for in Edinburgh.

There are certain criteria that you must apply while choosing a letting agent in Edinburgh. They are as follows:

A) Experience and expertise of the estate agency – Edinburgh Letting Centre (elc) founders have been in this profession since 1990. Later, elc was formally established in 2003. The more an agency has dealt with various properties, the more it is likely to offer the best solution to your needs.

B) Define your needs and budget – Before letting your property, you must decide what you expect from your letting agent. Once that is decided, you must find out how much money is charged by an agency to provide these services.

C) Search online – Now, comes the most important part. Almost all letting agencies in Edinburgh have an online presence. Visit their websites and find out what services they offer and check the list of properties they have dealt in. The bigger and varied their list, the better are the chances that the agency has a solution for your needs. Moreover, the online reviews about them may give you a fair idea about the agency.

D) A local agent has better knowledge – It makes sense to rely on a local agent as they know the city area thoroughly. In Edinburgh, elc is the best local letting agency, which knows the city inside out. You have to find out if a letting agent has more clients in your area. If yes, the agent has detailed knowledge about various properties and the price they can fetch.

E) Marketing fundamentals – This is among the most important factors. Check if the estate agent uses social media to circulate his clients’ properties by using video clips, graphics, besides loading pictures, videos of properties on their website. People tend to rely on such data while deciding to choose a property.

F) Maintenance work – The best estate agent will always help you at every step of letting your property. The upkeep of your property is very essential in the long run. A good agency will always ensure this while signing a contract with their clients.

G) Reality check – Everything appears fine on paper. However, unless and until you visit some of the listed properties on an agent’s website randomly, you cannot be sure how they operate. So, after you zero in on an agent, check how they have maintained the properties they have been dealing in by personally visiting them. This is the most important thing that you have to do while choosing the best letting agent.

To summarise the above points, many elc clients have tried and tested over the years that elc fulfills all these criteria. Hence, it is among the best letting agencies from over 100 of them in Edinburgh.

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