• Browse our website or lettings websites to find your new home.
  • Call or e-mail us to arrange a viewing or book it online.
  • View property.
  • Email your note of interest to Provide mobile telephone number and email address for each applicant, date of entry and approximate length of tenancy.
  • We will make a preliminary decision whether you fulfill basic criteria and you will receive a link by e-mail to complete an online application.
  • We will forward all applications to the landlord and ask them to choose which application we should process further. If we receive just one application, we will forward it to the landlord on a ‘first come, first serve basis’.
  • Please remember that it is the landlord, not us, who ultimately chooses applicants, subject to satisfactory referencing and other landlord’s criteria.
  • In case of multiple viewers and multiple applications we will try to forward to the landlord all relevant applications in one batch, so early viewers and applicants may have to wait longer for the landlord’s decision.
  • We will contact you regarding your application status within 2 working days from receiving the final landlord’s decision. It is usually much faster, but up to 2 working days during busier periods. Please note that in busier periods at any time we may be processing around 30 applicants for various flats and 15-20 guarantors, so we may not be able to inform you about your progress on a daily basis. We try to provide updates at least twice a week.
  • If successful, secure the property by paying the full deposit or holding deposit.
  • Make an appointment to sign the lease or sign it online via Signable.
  • Pay the remainder of the deposit (if not paid in full beforehand).
  • Organise key collection date.
  • Collect keys and pay first month’s rent.
  • Check the inventory.

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