Banafsheh Dastafshan

Administrator And Account Manager

Banafsheh is a crucial member of the ELC Sales & Lettings team, having joined the organisation in November 2016. Within the company, she holds key responsibilities for managing Accounts and Human Resources, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the organisation’s financial well-being and fostering a harmonious work environment. With an extensive 7-year professional background in financial control and her Level 6 ARLA qualifications, Banafsheh brings a wealth of expertise and precision to her role, contributing significantly to the company’s operational efficiency. Outside of her professional commitments, Banafsheh finds joy in her leisure activities. She is an enthusiastic traveller, continuously exploring new destinations and immersing herself in diverse cultures, allowing her to expand her horizons and gain fresh perspectives. Additionally, she appreciates the simple pleasures of life through leisurely walks, finding serenity and rejuvenation in the beauty of nature. Banafsheh Dastafshan’s diverse interests and unwavering dedication to her work, coupled with her Level 6 ARLA qualifications, make her an esteemed and valued member of the ELC Sales & Lettings team, both professionally and personally.

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