a guide to council

Who is responsible for covering the council tax?

In a Private Rented Tenancy, tenants bear the responsibility of council tax payments. Conversely, for holiday lets, landlords typically cover council tax and utility bills. Council tax exemption is granted to students, but they must proactively notify the council of their student status to qualify. If a household consists of either a solo tenant aged 18 or older or one professional tenant with the rest being students, a 25% monthly cost discount applies.

How to arrange council tax payments?

The tenant is required to notify the council about their relocation. At Umega, we take the additional step of sending an email to the council when tenants move in. Nonetheless, we advise tenants to personally reach out to the council, and in Edinburgh, this can be conveniently done through the Edinburgh Council website: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/info/20005/council_tax

What is covered in this?

The council tax encompasses water and sewerage services.

  • Payment Process: To make payments, tenants can conveniently remit funds directly to the council using either Direct Debit or an online form. They have the flexibility to choose between ten monthly installments, spanning from April to January, with no payments due in February or March—helping to ease the financial strain post-Christmas. Additionally, tenants can opt for monthly payments with the ability to select their preferred payment date or make a single annual lump sum payment. The payment process is designed to be hassle-free.
  • What is the price:  The amount varies based on the council tax band area where the property is located. Details about the specific band are typically provided in property advertisements. In Edinburgh, council tax is categorized into bands ranging from A to H