Changing Letting Agent During Mid-Tenancy Period

The main reason why landlords/property owners don’t change letting agents is they believe that it will be a major hassle. But as a landlord, your property is an important asset and should be a hassle-free investment. If you are not happy with the service you’re receiving from your current letting agent, changing agents might be easier than you think.

There is a misconception that landlords must wait until the end of a tenancy to change the letting agent. However, this is not the case. As a landlord, you are free to do at any time. Many landlords don’t realise that it is possible to change letting agents mid-tenancy. In our observation, there are five main reasons why landlords change letting agents mid-tenancy.

  • Unhappy with the service provided 
  • Property empty for long periods between tenancies 
  • Expensive maintenance charges 
  • Found a cheaper deal elsewhere 
  • Lack of communication

Regardless, changing the letting agent during or at the end of a tenancy is actually a fair hassle-free process for both the landlord and their tenant. If you’re in the middle of a tenancy and already have a letting agent then it can be a burden to terminate the contract.

As a landlord, if you’re in this same situation, you should read carefully through the terms in your contract with the letting agent. Your letting agent will discuss the whole matter in detail.

This is possible because the ‘Tenancy Agreement’ is a contract between the tenant and landlord and not the agent. The letting agent simply works on behalf of the landlord and a change in agent does not affect the rights or obligations of the landlord.

If you’re ready to change your letting agents in mid-tenancy, here are a few steps to understand.

  • Understand Your Notice PeriodCheck the Terms of Business document in your contract as this gives you detail about your agreement with the letting agent.
  • Give Notice To AgentOnce you are clear about the terms of your contract, you can give notice to your letting agent and ask for confirmation in return.
  • Know Your Tenants It is important to make sure that you have got all the details about your tenants including bank details too.
  • Appoint New AgentAppoint a new letting agent as soon as possible to ensure a hassle-free switchover.

At ELC Sales & Lettings, we often receive enquiries from landlords who are facing problems and are frustrated by the service they are receiving from their current letting agent. In our experience, it’s actually easier to change the letting agent mid-tenancy that too because the fact we don’t need to find a new tenant. We are majorly experienced in trying to make the switching letting agent process stress-free and straightforward by handling all aspects on behalf of our clients.

Our offer to you

The initial changeover letter can be handled by ELCS Sales & Lettings, and we will take care of everything else. Our goal is to make the changeover process as hassle-free as possible for landlords. We would like to thank you for your business by providing you with a free property health check and free property management for three months.