Edinburgh Letting Centre coronavirus update

COVID-19 related changes

Coronavirus, or COVID – 19, is going to have wide-reaching ramifications for all letting agencies. Edinburgh Letting Centre will keep up to date with the latest guidance on the coronavirus and put the appropriate plans in place to ensure our agency can continue to operate.

Changes in lettings and property management

Edinburgh Letting Centre staff members may have to work remotely, but our mobile and landline phones will continue to operate as normal. We also have full access to our management systems and email services. There will be no change to the way maintenance issues should be reported, i.e. by clicking ‘Click here to report a repair’ button on the top of our website.
Our office telephone numbers are:
  • Maintenance – 0131 510 7054
  • Accounts – 0131 510 7055
  • General – 0131 662 8035.
Out with the office hours (9 am to 5 pm) it will be transferred to our out of hours support team.
There will be somebody in the office during normal working hours to assist with keys and to process documents. Some of our staff members will be working from home. Please bear in mind that we may be short staffed due to the pandemic and we may not be able to carry out non-essential repairs within normal timescales. Any repairs may take longer if our contractors were to fall ill or decide to self-isolate. We will keep you updated

How our tenants can help us

e kindly ask you to reduce the physical contact with our staff members to the minimum – most issues could be resolved online or over the phone. Please inform us immediately if you are affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), or if you came in contact with a known infected person or they have been advised or decided to self-isolate for a period of 1 or 2 weeks due to flu-like symptoms – especially if:
  • any maintenance or property management visits are due to take place; or
  • you live in a shared flat which has bedrooms currently advertised and we carry out viewings.

We have asked the same from all contractors and staff members. Some of our contractors developed their own Coronavirus policies and they may require further action, for example informing them directly that no occupier has been suffering recently from flu-like symptoms.We will keep you updated, should we have any further information.