Everything You Need to Know About Legionella Risk Assessments!

Everything You Need to Know About Legionella Risk Assessments!

What is Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA Check)?

A legionella risk assessment is a process of doing an inspection of the water system in your property to ensure that the risk of legionella contaminating the is minimum. Under the Health and Safety Act, it is mandatory for residential landlords and homeowners to conduct a legionella risk assessment and carry an LRA certificate in their buildings. Conducting a Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA) is a legal requirement in Edinburgh, UK. An LRA check should be conducted by a person who has the competence and authority to undertake physical and administrative checks. Engaging the right water hygiene specialist will help ensure you will receive practical advice.

Where can Legionella bacteria grow?

Legionella bacteria live in natural water sources such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams. Any natural or man-made water system has the potential to become a breeding ground for Legionella growth. However, they can also be found in artificial water systems such as hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, and spas.

How do Legionlla bacteria get spread?

Legionella bacteria is waterborne and spread because of unmaintained water systems like lakes and streams. The bacteria can become a health concern when they grow and spread in human- made building water systems like showerheads, faucets, cooling towers, hot tubs, fountains and water features, hot water tanks, water heaters, and large complex plumbing systems. If anyone inhaled these water droplets through such water systems then the recipients will have a chance to be caught in Legionella disease.

Why should I carry a legionella risk assessment?

If you are a building manager, a landlord, or an employer, then carrying out a Legionella risk assessment is a legal obligation, and it’s your duty to take care of the people in your building.

Who is the Legionella responsible person?

A Legionella risk assessment is a technical evaluation that includes physical and administrative elements. An experienced LRA specialist must check that the plumbing standards are met structurally and through a temperature assessment and carry it out with the right credentials to ensure compliance and safety.