How To Change Letting Agent

How To Change Letting Agent?

As a landlord, you have a right to decide when to change your letting agent and who is the best-letting agent to manage your property needs.

Change Your Letting Agent

If you are not satisfied with the current service you are receiving from your current letting agent, you have found another letting agent who offers the great package you prefer, you have the right to change your letting agent and move to a letting agent who better fits your bill.

It is important to remember that there is an agreement which is a legal document between a landlord and a letting agent. While changing the letting agent it is important to follow up on the steps mentioned in the document. 

What are Termination clauses in a contract?

When you sign an agreement with a letting agent you sign a contract of relationship. Whilst this contract is designed to continue on a rolling basis, there are opportunities to remove yourself from the contract if you choose to.

In this agreement, there is a clause called the Termination Clause. It gives details to a landlord that you have to notify your agent before terminating the contract. The notification is just a termination notice that you have to give. The clause is similar to a break clause in a tenancy agreement.

Termination clauses vary agent-to-agent, so as a landlord you have to check your contract. If you are still unsure, we are happy to have a look for you, just visit us at ELC Sales & Lettings and our team will check through it and let you know exactly where you stand.

How do I do it?

  • Check your contractsCheck your contract for the termination clause and see how you can exit the contract without repercussions.
  • Give official noticeSend official notice to your agent so that you would like to terminate your contract.
  • Build paperworkOnce you have notified your letting agent in writing, continue to document every move every step of the way to give a clear timeline of your actions throughout the procedure.
  • Notify your tenantIt is important that you should also notify your tenants about exactly what is going on and engage with them too. 
  • Engage with a new agentEngage with your new agent to make sure this will give your new agent a chance to liaise with your previous agent and make sure that any important information is passed across and no details are forgotten.

Collect your keys & reset the codesDon’t forget to collect all the keys at the end of the notice period. It is good to reset the codes if you have any alarms at your property.

Obtain final sign-off documentsMake sure to receive a document from the outgoing letting agent which confirms that the contract has been terminated and all the fees are paid to the letting agency.

If you are experiencing bad practices from an agent, and they have failed to deliver on the terms of the contract that you signed, you may exit the contract. Our goal at ELC Sales & Lettings is to make the move to us as easy and smooth as possible. The team at ELC Sales & Lettings always kneel to advise on exactly what service a good agency should be providing, so give ELC Sales & Lettings a call at 0131 662 8035 today to experience the kind of service every landlord deserves if you are unsure whether or not this could be an option for you.

Our offer to you

ELC Sales & Lettings can assist with the initial changeover letter, and we will take care of everything else. It is our goal to make the changeover process hassle-free for landlords. We would like to thank you for your business by providing you with a free property health check and 3 months of free property management.