How To Choose The Best Letting Agency in Edinburgh

How To Choose The Best Letting Agency in Edinburgh

As an experienced landlord, you already know how hectic the whole process and it never seems
to get easy. For this reason, many new, as well as experienced landlords, choose the letting
agency to manage their rental property.
We all know that choosing the letting agency is really tough task. So how do you pick the best
and right one? Here are some tips which can help you to choose the best letting agency in
There are over 100 letting agencies operating in Edinburgh and each of them offers its own take
on lettings and property management. This is making it more challenging and difficult for
landlords in Edinburgh to choose the right letting agency that matches best their needs and
We are putting some tips for landlords to consider while choosing the right letting agency in


1. Decide the level of service you required

The very first thing before looking out for a letting agency in Edinburgh, every landlord
needs to decide and set up what level of services he/she needed from your letting
agents. Not all letting agencies provide all levels of services. So it is important to
consider which agency you should contact and arrange the meeting.


2. Look For A Local Letting Agency Or Property Expert

Today all the letting agencies went online but as a landlord, you should not
underestimate the value of finding your local letting agency. Edinburgh Letting Centre is
an Edinburgh-based local letting agency that knows the area inside out. When it comes
to local letting agency, you should consider the services provided by local agents who
truly knows the local area. In order to get the best letting services, you should look for a
letting agent who is already let similar properties near your own. This will ensure that
they have in-depth knowledge of the local lettings and can give you the best advice.
Edinburgh Letting Centre provide an accurate valuation for your rental property. Our
local agent knows the city very well and already has let many properties.


3. Checkout Their Existing Listed Properties

While creating a list of letting agents meet, make sure to check their current listed
properties online. Checking to list of a property is the first big impression of the property
your new tenants will have. Marketing photographs are crucial to securing viewings for
your property. After all, successful marketing is the best route to finding and retaining
reliable tenants. While looking out for letting agencies in Edinburgh, make sure to –

  • Check marketing photographs and videos that show off the property well.
  • Take a look at where and how well are their properties listed online.
  • How do they make it stand out from the crowd?
  • Do they describe the property with engaging detail?
  • Are they active on social media?

The marketing of your property will shape viewers’ perceptions and ultimately make
them decide to arrange a viewing of the property.


4. Check Online Reviews

It is always a good idea to check online Google reviews. Today almost every letting
agency in Edinburgh has an online presence where their clients submit reviews where
the company cannot edit reviews. This allows you to find out more about the letting
agency. Same it is also important to understand that even the best letting agencies in
Edinburgh may get some negative reviews. But genuine feedback from real customers
ensures you choose the right letting agency that will make letting out your property.


5. Ask How They Deal With Property Maintenance Work

We all know that even the best-maintained properties require maintenance from time to
time. This can make issues for tenants if not dealt with quickly. As a landlord either a
new one or an experienced one, it is important that you need to trust your letting agent to
deal with any maintenance issues on your behalf. A perfect letting agency can do all the
work for you like from marketing your property to rent to finding the right tenants,
collecting rent every month, and performing and carrying out maintenance to keep your
property safe and new.


Looking For Letting Agents in Edinburgh? Choose Edinburgh Letting Centre

Edinburgh Letting Centre is the best Letting Agency in Edinburgh. We have been Managing and
Letting properties since 2003. We currently manage properties throughout Edinburgh and have
five key letting agents all of whom make it the special customer-focused organisation it has
become today.

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