Landlord Registration In Edinburgh – Everything a Landlord Need To Know

Landlord Registration In Edinburgh – Everything a Landlord Need To Know

Landlord Registration In Edinburgh!

What is landlord registration? It is a process in which before the landlord rents out their property
they must need to register with the local council authority where the property is located. If you
are a landlord or own a house in Edinburgh, then you must need go for landlord registration in
Edinburgh. Landlord registration ensures the property and its owner meet the legal
requirements and the council authority checks that the property owner is fit to be a landlord.
After registering as a landlord, your name is now publically viewable to other registered
landlords. If you are managing your rental property by yourself or hiring a letting agent, you
must have to notify the council about all the parties which are associated with the ongoing
management of your property.


Do I Need To Register As An Edinburgh Landlord?

A big yes, it is mandatory to register as a landlord. It is a criminal offence if you rent out your
property without registering yourself as a landlord with your local council. If you are a landlord
and house owner in Edinburg and have not registered yet, we advise you to immediately go for
landlord registration in Edinburgh. Failure to do landlord registration can affect your big savings.
Yes, you might have to pay a big amount of £50,000 as a penalty.


What are the Fees for Landlord Registration?

There have been amendments in the fees for landlord registration in Edinburgh with effect from
1 April 2022. We have mentioned here the latest charges for your ready reference. The basic
fees for the landlord registration process are £68. The charges are £16 per property for the
properties in your portfolio. And the late application charges are £137. If you do not register
yourself as a landlord with the Scottish Government, you may bear a fine of around £50,000.
You may get discounts on the above fees if you apply to multiple local authorities. Moreover, if a
landlord is associated with charitable homes, educational accommodations, or HMOs, one may
be exempted from these fees.
As one of Edinburgh’s leading Edinburgh letting agencies, We at Edinburgh Letting Centre play
our part in the industry by offering free and impartial advice to ensure that those operating within
the sector are doing so responsibly and compliantly. If you feel like you could benefit from the
invaluable help and guidance that our team could provide you, then please feel free to contact
us today!

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