Reasons Why Landlords Should Hire A Letting Agent

Landlords thinking of hiring a letting agent to manage their properties should know that there are many benefits. Letting agents have access to a wide variety of resources, and they can help landlords with any problem that may arise during the tenancy. Keep reading to learn about property agents in Edinburgh.

  1. Updated Housing Law :Landlords face many challenges, and there is an ever-changing landscape for legislation, which can be very difficult to manage. Letting agents have specialist knowledge of housing law can help landlords avoid costly mistakes when renting out properties.
  2. False Economy :Many people believe that they can save money by managing their rental properties, but this is often a false economy. The letting agents charge a percentage fee based on the total value of the tenancy, meaning that they will help you make more money if you rent out your property at market value.
  3. Tenant Reference : Another benefit of hiring a letting agent is that they will give you references. They will provide you with their list of previous clients and their reviews about them. It will make it easy to find the best one for you. Before accepting them as clients, a good letting agency will conduct reference checks on all their potential tenants.
  4. A Proper Inventory: One of the main reasons landlords hire property agents in Edinburgh is to take care of their properties while they are away. It includes providing a comprehensive and accurate inventory of the property, before the tenants move in. This helps is a property damage dispute happens between the landlord and the renter.
  5. Rent schedule: Letting agents provide landlords with a rent schedule that tracks their rental income against the cost of their mortgage. It means landlords can see how much they are earning and how much they are spending on their property.


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