The Best Collection of Haunted Houses in Edinburgh!

The Best Collection of Haunted Houses in Edinburgh!

These properties are not suitable for ghost-busters… nor witchers, vampire slayers or witch hunters.

We offer a horrifyingly good selection of spooky houses with ghost rooms! Properties benefit from:

  • Screaming Cupboards,
  • Haunted Halls,
  • Creepy Kitchens,
  • Sleepless nights guaranteed!
Low rent, from 3 to 6 souls per month. Pets considered – werewolves only.
References will be checked. Full time income of at least 90 souls per month needed. Horrid checks will be carried out

The record high rents in Edinburgh

Currently the average rental property in Edinburgh is worth £1148 per month (from £810 for a 1 bedroom flat to £2009 for a 4-bedroom property). 3-bedroom flats appreciated most, by 6.2% year on year, while the rents for 4-bedroom properties in Edinburgh rose only by 0.3%. The other significant change is a significant increase in time to let, to 27 days on average, from 19 days in Q3 2018. 1-bedroom properties were letting the fastest – 20 days on average, while 4-bedroom properties were on the market over twice as long, 41 days on average.