The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

What is an EPC Rating?

When a home is sold or rented in the UK, it must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). EPC’s are a rating scheme to assess the energy efficiency of a property. The property is given a rating between A (most efficient) – G (least efficient), the EPC will include suggestions on methods to improve your homes energy rating.

How Is An EPC Rating Calculated?

To calculate a property’s energy efficiency rating, a qualified assessor will visit the property and look at a range of factors to determine how energy is used in a home. This involves looking at any potential for heat or energy loss; such as checking for insulation through the walls or the roof of the property, inspecting the efficiency of the heating and water system, examining whether you have double-glazing and energy efficient light bulbs and many more factors. Each energy factor will be allocated a score depending on how efficient it is – SAP points. The assessor will then calculate how energy efficient the property is and will provide an EPC rating for your property.

New Requirements: EPC regulations in Scotland

  • Any property marketed for private rental as of 2025 must be a C rating or above.
  • All properties in the private rental sector must be a C rating or above by 2028.

There are numerous benefits which come with improving a property’s energy efficiency, not only environmentally but also financially. Many Benefits include reduced monthly bills, increase in property value, monthly rental yield increases, reduced tenant turnovers, an increase in the property’s lifespan and many more.

Read more on the Scottish Government Website:

 How to improve your EPC rating

  • Draught-proofing of windows and doors is great for the comfort of the tenants and relatively cheap and easy
  • Insulating the loft space can give a huge boost to the energy rating (particularly in cases with no existing insulation, often it can score 20+ SAP points). If there’s less than 150mm insulation a top-up can often deliver a boost to the rating.- Applying a jacket to the hot water cylinder. Similar to lofts, the rating increase will be vast for cylinders with no existing insulation.  Many cylinders will already have factory applied spray foam that is sufficient so there will be no gain from an additional jacket but often the insulation is old and thin and adding a jacket can score an extra few SAP points.
  • Double glazing doesn’t add as many SAP points as loft and wall insulation, however, if your property isn’t already double glazed, installing it will boost your score by up to ten points. Triple glazing is becoming more conventional and will further reduce the amount of heat that escapes through windows. 
  • Replacing bulbs with halogen bulbs or LED bulbs is a quick and cost effective way to score a few extra points on your EPC.

Below you will find an example of an Energy Performance Certificate with cost effective recommendations on how to improve your properties energy rating