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Looking for a property to let in Edinburgh can be a daunting task. Some tenants are so busy they may not be able to view any properties except in unsocial hours. Professional tenants living elsewhere or students wishing to relocate to Edinburgh face a long trip to the city and then lengthy house hunt, lines of other viewers waiting outside the entrance and cancellation phone calls and messages when somebody else managed to snap the flat up. It all costs time and money. In the summer the Edinburgh property market becomes so busy that even a one day viewing delay may jeopardize the chances of securing a lease on the ideal flat. Local letting agents may not be able to conduct a viewing on short notice or guarantee a timeslot convenient for all parties.

This is why the Edinburgh Letting Centre – as one of the first, if not the first Edinburgh letting agency – decided to start doing online viewings based on technology similar to Google Street View. We are not talking about booking a viewing online – but the actual viewing itself, made possible thanks to a combination of 360 camera technology and a virtual tours platform.

Virtual property tours available

Please click on the property address to start an online viewing: you will be redirected to our Kuula virtual tour of the chosen property. Screens operate the same way as Street View – your can drag the surroundings in any direction, zoom in and zoom out. Please check further property details (rent, deposit, written description, EPC, council tax etc.) on the Edinburgh Letting Centre website, by clicking Search button on our main page and feel free to give us a call should you have any question relating to the advertised property for let you viewed online.

Moat Drive, 5, 3 Edinburgh EH14 1NU

Ferry Gait Crescent, 6, Flat 5 Edinburgh EH4 4GR

The Murrays Brae, 244 Edinburgh EH17 8UL

North Meggetland, 84, Flat 6 Edinburgh EH14 1XJ

Hermitage Park, 38 Edinburgh EH6 8HA

Viewforth Bed 3, 99, flat 7 Edinburgh EH10 4LL

West Winnelstrae, 5, flat 6 Edinburgh EH5 2ES

The benefits of online viewings:

  • Virtual property tours save time, petrol and ticket cost.
  • Online viewings mean no time off your work.
  • Narrow down your favourite properties before deciding on the ‘actual viewing.
  • Ask for family/friends’ opinions before committing to sign the lease – better informed viewers make better tenants.
  • You can schedule and conduct an online viewings any time, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.
  • Virtual property tours are convenient.
  • You can return to the online property any time if you think you missed something out.
  • 3D viewings are very detailed. You can view our property online and then call us with any questions.
  • Virtual property viewings gives you time to think of relevant questions.
  • You can get round properties quicker to check what is suitable for you.
  • 360 view from the front garden or around the main door allows you to see the neighbourhood.
  • Virtual property tours are the only realistic option for foreign viewers or prospective tenants who live far away from Edinburgh.

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