How a Tenant Find Only Service Assists To Find the Best Tenants

How a Tenant Find Only Service Assists To Find the Best Tenants

High turnover rates are one of the most common problems faced by landlords. This issue can abruptly kill your cash flow, leaving you with a vacant property for weeks or months. So what can you do to reduce your turnover rates and find a new, reliable tenant? A tenant find only service offered by experienced letting agents might be able to help!

The benefits of tenant find only services for landlords in Edinburgh

  • Professional and reliable advice : Why do your tenants keep leaving in the first place? Perhaps they have trouble contacting you or  getting help with maintenance issues. Perhaps they found a more affordable alternative that offers them more value. Pinpointing the exact reason for your high tenant turnover rates is not always easy. If you want professional advice, a letting agent can guide you more.

Tenant find only agents offer an overview of your property’s valuation and set a reasonable rental price based on the current market. They can also provide legal advice regarding landlord registration requirements and compliance regulations.

  • Attract the best tenants : Are you having trouble gathering a list of potential tenants? Maybe your marketing strategy isn’t effective, and you need some help upgrading it. Experienced letting agents know what to do.

Leading letting agents in Edinburgh can help attract tenants by offering a 360-degree virtual tour of your property, enticing potential renters to check out the place. In addition, they can take charge of property viewings, including setting schedules and accompanying tenants.

  • Save time : Overall, tenant find only agents can remove a significant burden off your shoulders as a landlord. They will even manage the initial transactions with your new tenant, collecting the first month’s rent and ensuring a hassle-free transfer of responsibility from the agent back to the property owner.

Make sure to find tenant find only services offered by TPO-accredited agencies and experienced agents for the best results!