Landlord Legal Requirements Checklist in Edinburgh

Landlord Legal Requirements Checklist in Edinburgh

A landlord needs to adhere to the norms of legal documentation and other requirements when he has enlisted his property for rental income. The letting cycle dictates these requirements to be fulfilled. Moreover, it is also mandatory to keep tracking the changes and reforms made by the government for landlord registration Edinburgh. In this aspect, most landlords seek professional assistance to meet these registration requirements.

Here is what you need to know about the registration process for landlords in Edinburgh.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC rating of the property has to be displayed on the advertisements since January 9 2013.

Registration of landlords

An Edinburgh landlord registers himself with the local authority for identification as the owner of the rentable property. The registration number has to be displayed on all the properties advertised so that the tenants can verify them online. This landlord registration Edinburgh process must be done before a property is rented to a tenant.

Fire blanket and smoke alarm

The property must contain a smoke alarm as per the protocols and a fire blanket present in a proper location inside.

Gas safety

A gas safety certificate has to be completed and generated by a certified Gas Safe engineer. This certificate needs to be updated once every year. Checking gas supply between tenancy cycles is also recommended.

Electrical safety

The property needs to be electrically safe. However, there is no such requirement for a safety certificate generated by an engineer. Despite this fact, ensuring electrical safety is a part of the responsibilities of a landlord.

Final words

All these legal protocols can be met with precision; when you hire a professional service for rentable property management Edinburgh. Get the best service provider and enjoy rent from your property hassle-free.