What is an EICR?

Whether you are a landlord, homeowner, business owner, or property manager, it is required to maintain damages and/or conditions which may indicate potential danger, as well as provide recommendations for improvement within a given property. An electrical installation condition report is also known as an EICR certificate. It is a certificate which has details about the safety and overall condition of all the electrical installations and fittings in a property. The report is produced by following an in-depth assessment carried out by a qualified electrician. The electrician will complete a visual inspection and perform some tests on installations to confirm that all your electrical installations are functioning safely. Where the electrician identifies any potentially hazardous defects, they will note this in the report with the appropriate recommendation code and advise the landlord of any required remedial work. The certificate will also list the date by which the next inspection is due.

The purpose of an EICR

There are many reasons why residential landlords conduct an EICR and indeed it is highly recommended and required to show an electrical installation in your property is safe. One of the more common reasons an EICR is requested is in rented accommodation where an EICR is the most simple and least time-consuming method of detecting an electrical installation is safe on your property. It is mandatory and at the same time recommended for landlords to conduct an EICR check and inspect the condition of electrical installations. However there are many reasons why an ICR would need to be done,
  • Age of the electrical installation
  • Environmental conditions
  • Misuse of the installation such as vandalism
  • Change in usage of the domestic premises
  • Any concerns the householder has about the condition of their electrical installation.

Benefits of Having an EICR Certificate

The reasons are simple once you do have one done, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your home is safe from electrical hazards, and if you have children this is especially important. Secure your employee safety – ElCRs or Electrical Installation Condition Reports, are required for businesses as well as domestic properties. It is important to make sure your employees are safe from the risk of injury or worse, death. Home owners and insurance – As a homeowner, it’s mostly for reasons of safety that we recommend an EICR, but there are other benefits too. Your house insurance could be lower, and while selling the property in the future it could increase its value. Landlords and tenant safety – Landlords must keep their tenants safe in the same way an employer has to his employees. It also means your landlord EICR will have been carried out by someone suitable to do the job.